Parking Lot Slip and Falls

Falling on parking lot pavement can cause serious injuries, and in a worst-case scenario, such injuries may cause permanent disability or even death. Even if the injured person is expected to recover, they may face steep medical bills and need to take time off work to recuperate. Slip and fall accidents in parking lots are common,  » Read More

Vocational Rehabilitation

Individuals that are receiving workers’ compensation for on-the-job injuries cannot always return to work as soon as they would like. In the best case scenario, an employee can get back to work in the same capacity as before the injury. Unfortunately, some are not able to ever go back, while others end up with less responsibility and reduced wages.  » Read More

Lifting Safety

Improper lifting is a major cause of on-the-job back injuries and workers’ compensation claims. Lifting a bulky or heavy item the wrong way can keep a worker off the job for weeks, and there is always the possibility of permanent impairment.

Fortunately, the use of safe lifting techniques greatly reduces the odds of hurting yourself while at work.  » Read More

Worker Safety in Hospitals

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) reports that approximately 250,000 medical staff are injured in hospitals each year. The reasoning behind this is not that staff are careless or hospital administrators are allowing the environment to remain unsafe. In fact, hospital injuries have lessened over the years but not as significantly as industries such as construction or manufacturing.

Hospital work,  » Read More

Honda’s “Smart Intersection” Technology

Blind spot indicators. Automatic lane changing. Backup cameras. The auto industry is constantly designing new technologies to improve motor vehicle safety, and Honda’s latest entry is grabbing headlines. Their “Smart Intersection” tech is being tested in Marysville, Ohio, and is designed to reduce instances of car accidents that occur at intersections.

Better Vision = Fewer Accidents

This new technology can create a 360-degree image that is 300 feet away from the vehicle.  » Read More