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At Freedman & Lorry, P.C., our team represents clients who must take their issues to family court. We handle a wide range of domestic cases, and clients may approach us at any time if they are not certain on how to handle their situation. Family law involves the most personal and sensitive legal issues, and that can make cases even harder for family, friends, and children who are involved. Our experienced team handles all types of family law cases, including:

  • Adoptions
  • Child support claims or disputes
  • Child custody claims
  • Divorce claims, agreements, and mediation
  • Guardianship filings for children and adults
  • Name change filings
  • Paternity suits or disputes
  • Protection from Abuse (PFA) orders for spouses, family members, and children

Why Should I Hire a Lawyer?

Hiring the right lawyer to handle a divorce is an important first step. Our lawyers guide clients through all aspects of the legal process, including drafting the appropriate legal documents to represent them in court. Our divorce lawyers have the knowledge and experience needed to provide effective representation to clients who face family law issues. When filing for an uncontested divorce, we help clients with the following factors:

  • Dividing assets and property: We prefer to let our clients create asset documents on their own. However, we help clients mediate their divorce if they cannot agree to asset allocation or the division of mutual debts. We will also help clients divide assets fairly and create a document that can be added to the divorce filing.
  • Creating a parenting plan for the children: Parents must determine who will have primary custody, how to manage visitation and holidays, and how to manage expenses for the children.
  • Completing all the necessary paperwork: We help clients complete all required paperwork in a timely manner.

When we have completed all the paperwork, we will help with the court date. The spouse that files for divorce can appear for an uncontested divorce, and we will ensure that the divorce decree is signed. We will keep a copy of the decree for our records, and also retain one for the client’s records. If we must argue a case in open court, we will develop a case that explains why our client deserves the alimony, property, or concessions requested. If mediation is needed, we will work with the divorcing parties to create a divorce plan that is appropriate.

What If I Need a Name Change?

Our lawyers will help clients create a petition for a name change in several situations. A client may require a name change because they want to be known by a different name. This may be necessary due to a gender transition, or a client may need assistance retaining a married name, even though they are divorced.

Changing a name on legal documents issued by the state can be stressful, and we help clients when they want their children to carry a new last name for several reasons. We understand that this can be a trying time, and we will create a petition that urges the state to change a name in accordance with the client’s wishes, including when a name change helps them make a needed lifestyle change.

Do I Need an Expert on Adoption?

While adoption laws are similar in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey, we suggest contacting us to discuss the exact situation. Generally, any person that is 18 years old or 10 years older than the child may be eligible to adopt that child. If a client is married, they will need written consent from their spouse, unless they are filing jointly. The only exception for married people is if they are living separately.

We will generate a petition for adoption that suits each situation and evaluate each case to ensure that the client qualifies. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and even older siblings may adopt children. A client may ask to adopt a child they have fostered in the past, and we will help when clients want to adopt multiple siblings from the same family. These petitions can be complex, but we know how to manage the situation when it requires more than the standard adoption application.

A client may adopt in the state the child was born or if the adoption agency has a home in that state. Requirements may include a home study that is used to assess the safety and efficacy of the adoption. We have been through this process many times, and we will help clients prepare for the information required by the state. To speak with an expert on New Jersey or Pennsylvania adoption laws, contact our lawyers right away.

What About Child Support Cases?

We handle cases regarding child support for residents of New Jersey and Pennsylvania on a routine basis. If a client intends to begin the divorce process, it is beneficial to seek counsel on such matters. Child support is important because it allows a parent to care for their children if they are the custodial parent. Custodial parents may reach out to us when they are concerned. An ex-spouse may not have paid support, or a client may believe they deserve more child support.

A parent will receive payments on a recurring basis until the child is 18 years old. It is important to work out the best arrangements based on the situation, and we highly suggest reaching out for a consultation. We show clients what can be done to increase or recover child support. If a client believes they should not pay child support, present a paternity case that we can evaluate. Paternity cases can be complicated, and we will work with medical experts to complete the appropriate tests.

Do I Need Help with Legal Guardianship?

Guardians must be appointed by the court and a Guardianship Decree should be obtained. We can assist clients in choosing the type of guardianship they need and inform on how the guardianship process works. Clients can obtain a guardianship for any child or adult who needs to be protected legally. Guardianships for children allow concerned adults to manage that child’s affairs, even if that child is orphaned. We will prepare to attend the Local Orphan’s Court and file our petition. Concerning guardianships for adults, we create petitions that protect elderly loved ones or family members. Clients may use a guardianship for protection if they are ever incapacitated or add a guardianship provision to an estate plan.

How Does Freedman & Lorry, P.C. Handle Child Custody Cases?

Another aspect of the divorce proceeding is determining which parent receives custody of the children. We know this can be an unnerving part of the divorce for all parties involved, and we handle these situations with as much care and compassion as possible. With many years of experience on our side, we help clients decide what is appropriate for their children. Filing for full custody of the children may be necessary if a client fears their ex-spouse or believes the children are endangered in any way. A client may file for more visitation if the original divorce decree is no longer working for their family or if a lifestyle change compels the court to issue more visitation privileges with the children.

What If I Need a PFA?

There are several instances where a victim may seek relief from an abuser by obtaining a PFA order against that individual to mitigate future harm. These circumstances include:

  • Someone living in the alleged victim’s home
  • A family member
  • A current or former sexual or intimate partner
  • Someone that has a child with the abuser

Abuse can cause a feeling of despair that makes a victim feel trapped. We can help clients who are were abused by someone living in their home. In certain cases, that person could be forced to vacate because of the protective order. We will help when a former partner co-parents a child. A client may feel as though they always need to see this person, but a protective order will prevent that person from encroaching on one’s physical space. We may also help with a child custody request that will keep the abuser away from the client or their child.

Current and former partners can be abusive, and one should not endure the abuse simply because they are not married. We will investigate the case, file for a protective order, and alert the authorities. Family members may also be abusive toward a client or their children. A PFA will keep that person out of the home, and we will help clients file a petition for a PFA as soon as possible.

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