At Freedman & Lorry, P.C. we take great pride in the attention to detail and dedication provided by our attorneys to all our clients.

Your comments and experiences with our legal services are vital in ensuring that we uphold our reputation as lawyers who fight to protect the rights of men and women – both in and out of the workplace. Following are some of the testimonials we have received from clients.

Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances.

These people came to my aid and they saved me and my family a lot of money and they did it free of charge. You don’t find a law firm like this anymore.


Rebecca is beyond a lawyer! She helped me and my fiancé get full custody of both of our children in what was a very complex and complicated situation in a very short period of time. Rebecca was always available, reliable, gave great advice, and was a “Jedi Knight” in the courtroom. I highly recommend Rebecca for custody matters – no matter how complex. I also recommend her for PFA and eviction matters. Can’t thank her enough!

R.K., client

I want to thank Paul he is great! Totally made me feel at ease at once always told me to call him or his paralegal Megan, she is such a sweetheart and very calm. Thank you so much for everything!!!!

– A.R., client

Dear Mr. Linker:

Thank you for taking my case and getting me the settlement you did. To think that I might have forfeited that sum of money if you hadn’t had your website out there, educating me on what I was entitled to for my injuries under the Defense Base Act. Certainly, neither my employer nor the insurance company ever told me I was entitled to anything more than coverage while I was off work. Actually, I wish I’d seen your site sooner, and then contacted you immediately. Because you already had a long established relationship with the individual best positioned to ensure insurance companies fulfill their obligations under this particular act, I’d have saved myself some major headaches and probably received more compensation.

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It was a pleasure to work with you. I had some concerns about signing on with an attorney I discovered through the Internet. But after talking to attorneys here and then in Dallas, Texas where I’d lived before going overseas, it seemed obvious you were the best choice due to your familiarity with the Defense Base Act and the players. The others despite specializing in personal injury and workers compensation cases knew nothing about how to handle people like me who fell under the Defense Base Act. And as it turned out, it was easy working by phone and e-mail.

I’m grateful you were out there and supported me, and are out there willing to support others, especially in these difficult times where so many are sustaining life-changing injuries while working on behalf of the military. I just hope they discover you, and sooner than later, too. May I share your name with a friend with the Red Cross who is currently in Iraq, just in case she comes across civilians there who could use your help?

Again, thanks.

Injured while working as a contractor in Italy

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Far surpassed my expectations!!! (Divorce)

RELIABLE. AFFORDABLE. ON POINT. These were the initial qualities I was looking for in a Lawyer. However, as Rebecca Kolsky helped me with my divorce in the past 7 months, it was very well-evident that she far surpassed my expectations. Here is why I have found her so UNIQUE….

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Most times, lawyers time you at your initial consultation, and often charge you as well. Rebecca doesn’t do this. She gives you as much time as you need. You’re already scattered and nervous. But now you’re tongue-tied and forgot what you were going to say. Rebecca RESPECTS YOU REGARDLESS OF YOUR FAUX PAS. SHE GETS YOU. You can feel it, and you can see it in her expressions. This mentality and level of respect will carry into her working rapport with you throughout your entire case. It is very relieving.
The other Lawyers I talked to made it sound like there was only one way to proceed. They didn’t initiate options unless you knew what to ask. Rebecca not only initiates options, but she GOES THE EXTRA MILE to CUSTOMIZE YOUR OPTIONS based on your SITUATION. Just let her know what you need and how you feel. She’s also patient in helping you understand the legal whys and hows. She puts herself in the client’s shoes and gets that we won’t always grasp things the first time around.
Rebecca is incredibly quick to respond to your inquiries and answer your questions. She provides in-depth explanations and offers additional nuggets of wisdom to consider to help you make your decisions. She also follows up with all parties to make sure they received everything they should. She doesn’t assume things are going smoothly; she MAKES SURE they are.
Itemization was fair and there weren’t any surprises. Rebecca tells you her thoughts up front, alerts you to any court fees you’ll need to pay, and lets you know in advance the status of your retainer and upcoming bills. She also has really great connections with third parties, her team is very nice, and she’s genuinely happy for you when you are happy.

My divorce went incredibly smoothly, and it is all thanks to Rebecca. I highly recommend her!!!!!!!!!!!!

– Client

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I’m happy to report, that once again we have prevailed in an unjust firing at the Philadelphia Inquirer. Arbitrator Richard Kasher ruled on August 31st that the employer did not have good and reasonable cause to demote, and then terminate sports columnist Stephen A. Smith in January of 2008.

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This continues our undefeated winning streak in arbitrations against PMH, and our counsel Neal Goldstein has taken the title of “Lights Out” away from Phillies closer Brad Lidge. We have not lost any arbitration to the Tierney team, and with back pay may be closing in on a million dollars total.

I want to personally thank our brilliant legal team of good Neal, and evil Neal, and our executive committee for backing us when we ask for your approval to move cases to arbitration. Quite frankly, today is a good day at the Guild!!

CWA of Greater Philadelphia Local 38010

Bill Ross
The Newspaper Guild

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Neal Goldstein and his Band of Lawyers represent Philadelphia’s finest, the hourly work force.

F&L was established years ago to represent labor unions, union members and their families, and continues to serve this community. The firm supports labor organizations that represent workers in local court, negotiations, at arbitrations, if unjustly fired, and at the National Labor Relations Board.

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Employers fear them because they know the attorneys at Freedman & Lorry know how to protect working men and women.

Need a Good Lawyer call the firm your Union calls and trusts.

Freeman & Lorry Labor Law Firm.

John W. Kerr,

President AIU

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