Defense Base Act (DBA) Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is a Work Injury Under the Defense Base Act (DBA)

Have you worked as a civilian contractor on U.S. Government contracts overseas?

Were you exposed to aircraft engines, explosions, gunfire, rockets, mortars, machinery, or other loud noises that may have damaged your hearing?

If you have hearing loss from your work supporting the U.S. government or our troops working overseas in Iraq, Afghanistan, or in other countries, you may be entitled to receive compensation and medical benefits under the Defense Base Act.

If your hearing is damaged because you were exposed to noise while on contract, the loss of your hearing qualifies as a work injury under the Defense Base Act and you can file a claim for it like any other work injury.

Even contractors no longer working overseas and those who receive payments from the Veterans’ Administration for service connected hearing loss may still be eligible to file a claim for hearing loss under the Defense Base Act.

What kind of hearing problem you have and what treatment you need must be determined through testing by a certified Audiologist. If you think your hearing may be damaged due to your work overseas, contact us today to schedule a free hearing test.

Determining the Extent of your Hearing Loss

Although you may not be aware when it happens, the loss of your hearing is a traumatic injury. The harm to your ears occurs immediately when you are exposed to noise that is too loud. Repeated exposure to loud noises over time can also cause serious damage to your ears.

Many people feel that their inability to hear is affecting their lives, but they don’t know the real extent of their injury. Testing by a certified Audiologist will show if you have hearing loss due to noise exposure. If you do, in addition to medical benefits, you may also be entitled to compensation for your injury.

For over 80 years Freedman & Lorry, P.C. has represented injured workers throughout the United States. For decades our experienced legal team has helped people who suffer from hearing loss due to noise exposure file claims for compensation and medical benefits.

If you think your hearing may be damaged due to your work overseas, call us today to set up a free hearing test. Our qualified legal team can help to determine if you are eligible to file a Defense Base Act claim for hearing loss disability benefits.

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