Types of Injuries

For a worker who experiences an accident on the job, a workplace injury can be as minor as a temporary disruption to life during the recovery period, or a devastating event that makes it impossible to continue in their present occupation. Fortunately, almost all types of work-related injuries are compensable under workers’ compensation, as long as the worker was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol, engaged in violence, or violating company policies when it happened.

If you suffer a work-related injury or develop an occupational illness, workers’ comp benefits will cover your costs for medical treatment and a portion of your lost wages if you are unable to work while you recover. Death benefits are available to dependents of a worker who dies from his or her work-related injuries.

Potentially Compensable Work Injuries

The dedicated Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation lawyers at Freedman & Lorry, P.C. can help you get the compensation you deserve for your work injury. Our team has over 65 years of experience fighting for the rights of workers across all industries who have suffered these and other types of injuries:

Amputation – This life altering injury will significantly affect a worker not only physically, but also emotionally and financially. It will be crucial to your future security that you receive the maximum amount of compensation available to you.

Back injuries – Back injuries such as herniated discs are common across many different industries, and can result from an ergonomically deficient workplace, from jobs that require lifting, or working in tight and awkward spaces. Back injuries can be extremely painful and require time off from work to heal. Often, they have lasting effects such as chronic pain.

Bone fractures and orthopedic injuries – These injuries can range from slight fractures to bones that have shattered or snapped into multiple parts. Ligaments and tendons can also be damaged when bones are broken, and serious orthopedic injuries can require surgery.

Foot and ankle injuries – Injuries to the foot and ankle can incapacitate a worker until they are able to stand and walk again. Common foot and ankle injuries include sprains, strains, and fractures.

Head injuries – Struck-by accidents, in which a falling object strikes a worker on the head or other part of the body, can happen anywhere, whether on a construction site, or in an office. Injuries to the head can cause vision problems, memory loss, and seizures.

Mental injuries – Stress at work can contribute to mental conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), panic attacks, depression, or anxiety – and these may be covered by Workers’ Compensation.

Repetitive motion injuries – Using the same motions to complete a task day in and day out can damage muscles, nerves, and tendons over time. For example, office workers using computers or workers that have to scan merchandise can develop carpal tunnel syndrome. In severe cases, a worker may be unable to use the affected hand to grasp objects.

Scars and permanent disfigurement – Scars and permanent disfigurement that occur as a result of a work-related accident are generally compensable. Workers left with scars are forever reminded of the accident that caused them, and may have a right to significant compensation.

Sprains and strains – These injuries to the tendons and ligaments supporting the muscles and bones can occur from a sudden twist, awkward movement, or sudden blow. Sprains and strains are very common injuries that can be very painful and require physical therapy as part of the treatment for recovery.

Traumatic brain injuries – Injuries to the brain are among the most serious type of non-fatal work accident injuries. They can be caused by vehicle accidents, explosions, slip and falls, or defective equipment like ladders or forklifts. A worker with a traumatic brain injury may be left with dizziness, vision problems, sleep disturbances, and difficulty concentrating. In severe cases, they may suffer seizures, debilitating headaches, or problems with behavior, communication, and comprehension.

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