Pennsylvania Roads Among the Worst in Winter

The first day of spring is around the corner, but winter weather can last well beyond that. Heavy and light snow, black ice, freezing rain, and high winds all present hazards to motorists, and some parts of the country harbor additional risks for drivers when winter driving conditions deteriorate. Harsher weather, narrow roads, hills, and roadways that are not well maintained can make things even worse.  » Read More

PA Workers’ Compensation Benefit Rates for 2019

The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act allows injured workers in the state to receive wage-loss benefits should they become injured or ill at work. These benefits replace approximately two-thirds of their weekly income, but are subject to minimum and maximum adjustments. Every year, maximum workers’ compensation benefit rates for employees in Pennsylvania are assessed according to the state Department of Labor and Industry’s annual statewide average weekly wage (SAWW.)

In Pennsylvania,  » Read More

Daylight Saving Time Leads to Accidents

If you think setting the clock forward for daylight saving time will not influence your sleep, think again. The purpose of daylight saving time is to better use our daylight by taking an hour of it in the morning and moving it to the evening. Losing that one hour of sleep may not seem like a lot, but we as humans feel the difference.  » Read More

Winter Weather Custody Matters

For many divorced parents managing child custody and parenting time schedules, an unexpected snow day or school delay can disrupt the best laid plans. When winter weather interferes with a custody agreement, parents must act in good faith to always put first the best interests of their children.

Communicate Snow Day Expectations

When a winter storm seems imminent,  » Read More

Real Estate and Divorce

When you own real estate with your spouse, divorce becomes a bit more complicated. You and your spouse must make decisions about what becomes of the jointly-owned family home or any other properties.

For many people, losing a home is as devastating as the breakup of the marriage. Yet it is necessary to look at the situation realistically before determining what is best for your situation.  » Read More