Motorcycle Accidents

For many people, motorcycling provides a feeling of freedom, the opportunity to do something they love, and a feeling of camaraderie from riding with other bikers. The unfortunate downside is that being out in the open puts riders at a higher risk for injury. This is why it is important for motorcycle riders to remain focused and vigilant while riding.

These accidents are more likely to lead to deaths and injuries because motorcycles only have two wheels, are smaller than cars and trucks, and do not have protection like that of enclosed vehicles. A federal government study reported that motorcycle crashes were 35 times more likely to cause deaths than car crashes.

Risk Factors

Riding a motorcycle is more difficult than driving a car, and unskilled riders can cause serious accidents. Taking time to develop these skills and adhering to the rules of the road saves lives. Bikers do not have the protection of seat belts or a surrounding vehicle during a crash; all they have are helmets. Motorcycles have only two wheels, making them less stable than four-wheeled vehicles. This affects how they brake and swerve, especially at high speeds or in emergency situations. Bikers also weave in and out of lanes, making them more prone to accidents.

Road hazards affect motorcycles differently than cars, and an uneven road surface can cause a motorcycle to crash. Other things to watch out for include debris, slick pavements, small objects, gravel, expansion joints, and railroad tracks.

Today’s supersport and sport motorcycles cause a large number of crashes because these high performers are built on racing platforms and are then modified for use on highways. They have higher horsepower engines and are more lightweight, with some having top speeds of 160 miles per hour.

Motorcycle Accident Liability

Motorcycle accidents can be caused by the riders, other motorists, or even pedestrians. A motorcyclist can cause an accident by suddenly swerving in front of a car; oftentimes, other drivers are negligent and fail to check their mirrors before turning or speed past a red light. In some cases, both parties contribute to an accident and may share liability. To determine negligence in a motorcycle accident claim, the plaintiff must show that the defendant’s actions were not reasonably careful and caused the plaintiff to be injured. It must also be proven that the plaintiff was truly injured or that they suffered damages.

Naturally, the best way for motorcycle enthusiasts to avoid accidents is to drive responsibility and adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Every motorcyclist should have a helmet that meets all of the Department of Transportation standards, plus an extra helmet for passengers.
  • It is essential to gain the proper knowledge and driving skills, which is done by obtaining a motorcycle license.
  • Bikers should always wear protective clothing, such as gloves, boots, long pants, a jacket, and goggles.
  • Motorcycles should be well maintained to avoid breakdowns and accidents.
  • Behaviors to avoid include sharing lanes, being overconfident or aggressive, and drinking and riding.

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