Paul B. Himmel, Esq. Featured on The Sanjay and Jim Show; Discusses Workers’ Compensation

Paul Himmel

Senior Shareholder Paul B. Himmel, Esq. was a featured guest attorney on the WWDB Radio The Sanjay and Jim Show podcast for his knowledge and experience in Workers’ Compensation cases.

The Sanjay and Jim Show is a unique, witty, and educational broadcast featuring prominent Philadelphia physicians Dr. Sanjay Madnani and Dr. Jim Brady. It discusses a wide range of current events, medicine, the law, and more.

During the episode, Paul discussed Workers’ Compensation cases. Employers are required to carry Workers’ Compensation insurance on their employees, which, in addition to providing benefits for employees injured in work-related accidents, shields employers from liability lawsuits.

Click here to listen to the podcast.

Paul B. Himmel is a shareholder at Freedman & Lorry P. C.  Mr. Himmel’s contact information is as follows:

Office direct dial – 215-931-2550.    

Cell phone – 215-817-0423.   

Email – [email protected]