How can I Safely Celebrate Thanksgiving During the Pandemic?

In the midst of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, people may not be sure what to do during the holidays, such as Thanksgiving. Families may still be participating in holiday traditions. In some households, extended family members may be visiting for Thanksgiving dinner. For those who plan to participate in these activities, safety protocols should be practiced, especially while traveling.

How can Drivers and Pedestrians Stay Safe?

During the holidays, many people travel to see extended family members. In order to prevent a car accident, drivers must remain extra cautious on Thanksgiving. People driving Thanksgiving night should be mindful of other drivers and pedestrians. Some local stores might be having Black Friday sales, so motorists should expect traffic. Additionally, many people commute back home after Thanksgiving dinner. If one plans to leave after a Thanksgiving celebration, they should be extra careful. Expect an increase in traffic in multiple areas, especially if one is traveling out of state.

If a car accident does occur, emergency services should be contacted right away. All victims should seek medical attention, even if injuries seem minor. When it is possible, a victim should collect as much evidence as possible at the car accident scene, such as photographs of injuries and property damage. After the car accident, it is also vital to contact an accident lawyer for help.

What Should I Do if I Have to Travel Out of State?

In many cases, family members have to travel across state lines to attend holiday dinners. This Thanksgiving, travelers should be aware of quarantine procedures and state laws. If one is planning to stop in an area while traveling, they should research guidelines and be extra vigilant about handwashing. If one is traveling by car or plane, they should follow a few important safety tips:

  • Plan Ahead: Thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel days of the year. If one is traveling by car, they should leave early.
  • Expect Delays: Weather is unpredictable this time of year. Make sure to check the weather before starting the journey.
  • Inform Family and Friends: Before traveling, tell loved ones about traveling plans in case an emergency occurs.
  • Pack Light: To avoid hassles and delays at the airport, pack as light as possible.
  • Research the Airport: Before going to an airport, research about their guidelines, including safety measures, baggage, and rules about liquids.
  • Practice Cleanliness: Frequent handwashing is always good practice while traveling, especially during the pandemic. Keep hand sanitizer products on hand as well. A traveler should always wear a mask.

Additionally, it is recommended to get a COVID-19 test after travel is over.

Thanksgiving Home Safety

Since Thanksgiving parties often have many people, there are more risks. Thanksgiving dinner during the pandemic can present significant health concerns., and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) implemented guidelines for parties. Local and state health organizations may provide limits on the number of people permitted for indoor and outdoor gatherings, and these may be subject to change.

This year, homeowners should be extra careful if they plan to host Thanksgiving dinner. The CDC has recommended safety guidelines for hosting a holiday event. Some important tips include:

  • Check information about local COVID-19 cases. If a homeowner is in a high-risk area, it is recommended that they avoid hosting an event.
  • Limit how many people will be in the home. This year, it is wise to limit how many family members will attend dinner in order to prevent the spread of the virus.
  • Try to social distance at all times. Although this may be hard in a household, it is best to keep six feet apart from guests. Guests and homeowners should also avoid handshakes and hugs.
  • If the weather permits, host an outside dinner. This may be hard to do in the colder weather months, but it is recommended to host an outdoor event for better ventilation. Additionally, a homeowner can purchase a patio heater, but they should be mindful of hazards, such as fires.
  • Require guests to follow safety guidelines. Guests should wear masks and frequently wash their hands.
  • Keep pets away from guests. In order to prevent a dog bite, pets should be isolated.
  • Residents should maintain their households. Debris, snow, wet leaves, and other falling hazards should be removed.
  • Be careful while preparing dinner. Carving the turkey and preparing for dinner is a lot of fun, but knives can be dangerous, and burn injuries can occur as well. Also, younger children should be looked after at all times.
  • Arrange for a ride home if one plans to drink. Like other parties, many Thanksgiving gatherings involve alcohol, which can pose dangers. Anyone who will be imbibing at a party should arrange in advance for a designated driver or rideshare service to drive them home.

How to Safely Prepare Food

Everyone looks forward to Thanksgiving dinner; however, foodborne illnesses are prevalent during the holidays. If one is preparing dinner, they should follow a few guidelines:

  • Make sure food is thoroughly cooked, especially the turkey and other meats.
  • Food temperatures should be between 40 and 140-degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Do not eat raw cookie dough.
  • Foods should be separated by category, such as vegetables and poultry.
  • Thaw a turkey in the refrigerator; do not thaw on the counter.
  • Wash hands before preparing food and after preparing each item.
  • If a guest is pregnant, a host should be extra cautious about hazards.

What are the Safety Guidelines During Thanksgiving Dinner?

Many families might wonder how to safely eat during Thanksgiving dinner. The CDC has recommended the following guidelines:

  • If possible, guests should bring their own food. Food can be prepared by each family.
  • Wear a mask whenever possible. A mask should be worn while preparing food.
  • Assign tasks to people. For example, one person can hand out utensils. This will limit multiple people handling food and objects.
  • Everyone should wash their hands before eating. Make sure guests wash their hands before eating Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving is an enjoyable time for a family. By following a few safety practices, families can celebrate together.

Why are Indoor Events Dangerous?

Location and duration of the parties are also important. Indoor parties have higher risks due to less ventilation and the fact that attendees will be sharing a limited amount of space. People who travel from other areas to attend may be coming from higher-risk areas where there are more cases, which can also make the likelihood of infection increase. The longer the party lasts, the better the chances are of spreading COVID-19.

If the community where the party is being held has high COVID-19 levels, this should also be noted. This information can usually be found on the town or city’s health department website. If there is a party, guests should make sure to wear masks and remain six feet apart at all times.

What Should I Do After a Thanksgiving Accident?

It is important to be extra vigilant about safety hazards during any holiday, especially Thanksgiving. Each family should be mindful if they host or attend an event. If someone is hurt in an accident during Thanksgiving, they should speak to a lawyer after receiving medical attention. Depending on the circumstances, an injured victim may be able to collect compensation in a personal injury claim.

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