How Can I Manage My Emotions During the Divorce Process?

The divorce process can be amicable, highly contentious, or somewhere in between. Failing to follow through with procedures and constant arguing makes things more difficult, but it can be hard to keep one’s emotions at ease. Looking at things from a logical, objective standpoint can be helpful for divorcing couples.

Separating Emotions from Facts

Even after the decision to divorce has been made, many individuals struggle with their choices. It is completely natural to feel emotional during this time as divorces bring feelings of grief, anger, heartache, and a fear of the future. Accepting the fact that it is inevitable is not easy, but doing so, will help. Many divorcees benefit from therapy or support groups early in this process. A plan that includes a timeline can be useful. This can include when to tell the children, the moving day, therapy, and seeking a lawyer that specializes in family law.

Coping with Grief

The end of a marriage signifies loss, so divorcing spouses may experience grief and depression. Although this is painful, it is a natural process that takes time. Feelings of denial, shock, fear, and anger are common, and there is no easy cure. The grieving process cannot be ignored and needs to occur before healing begins.

Discussing the grief at therapy or with trusted friends and family will help, and the feelings will lessen in time. Some find that keeping busy with chores and new projects also helps. A good choice for the latter is to start getting rid of old photographs and other things that recall the past. Contact with the ex-spouse should be limited to essential topics involving the children or the divorce.

Feelings of Anger

Anger can be difficult to control during the divorce process, but it is important to maintain emotions. One of the best-known rules for divorcing parents is to never argue about the marriage or bad-talk the other parent in front of the children. Not only can it upset them, it can turn them against their parents and create long-term, negative effects. Other harmful behaviors include jumping into a new, intimate relationship too soon, indulging in drugs and alcohol, and making rash decisions, such as buying a new home too quickly. Ways to diffuse immediate anger include taking deep breaths, meditating, or simply walking away.

Health and Wellness

It is not uncommon for people to neglect their health when going through difficult times. However, not eating properly can make everything harder. Eating healthy meals regularly, exercising, and sleeping sufficiently can help reduce stress levels. Sticking to regular routines, like going to the gym after work or preparing family meals, are also important. Other proven ways to reduce stress include yoga and getting together with close friends. Many also find that getting regular massages, keeping a daily journal, and signing up for an interesting class can be distracting and relaxing.

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