Heart Health in the Workplace

Worker healthy heart in the workplace with doctor's stethoscope

Heart disease and stroke are two of the leading causes of death among Americans. It is important to remember that heart disease and other cardiovascular-related illnesses can happen to anyone at any age, no matter what your job entails. To lower your risk of cardiovascular disease, you should be practicing healthy lifestyle choices daily.

Who is at Risk of Developing Heart Disease?

Heart disease can affect both older and younger people. However, there are certain individuals who are more at risk of developing the disease. Those at risk include:

  • People with high blood pressure. High blood pressure is common among Americans, with millions in their 40s and 50s currently diagnosed. In fact, one in three adults in the United States have high blood pressure. Individuals with unmanaged high blood pressure are even more at risk for developing heart disease.
  • Smokers. Smoking damages a person’s blood vessels, which can cause a stroke.
  • High Cholesterol. High cholesterol contributes to an increased risk of developing heart disease. Living an active lifestyle, not smoking, and eating healthy can lessen your chances of developing high cholesterol.
  • Obesity. Being overweight puts extra stress on the heart, which can put you at risk of developing heart disease. Nearly one in six children between the ages of two and nineteen are suffering from heart disease.
  • Eating unhealthy food. Having too much sodium in your diet can lead to high blood pressure, which can lead to developing heart disease.
  • Living a sedentary lifestyle. Living a lifestyle that does not include physical activity can lead to developing heart disease. It is important to implement some form of physical activity into your daily routine.

Heart Health in the Workplace

The population at risk for developing cardiovascular disease represents a significant part of todays workforce. Developing a workplace culture that encourages healthy behaviors can reduce the risk of employees developing cardiovascular disease. Currently, 46 percent of employers have some sort of health promotion program, 27 percent of employers offer health screening programs, and 19 percent of employers offer their employees cardiovascular disease management assistance. In addition to educating employees about cardiovascular disease, employers can also do the following:

  • Offer healthy meals, drinks, and snacks, instead of less healthy options, especially if the workplace has vending machines.
  • Implement a written policy banning the use of tobacco on or within the premises.

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