Car Safety When Traveling with Pets

Road trips allow for you to spend time with your loved ones, and that may include your pet. Most families treat their pets as one of their own. When traveling, drivers should avoid potential hazards in and outside of the car to keep those in their vehicle safe, and that should be no different when traveling with your pet. As you may be a safe driver, you cannot account for another driver’s recklessness. The following are safety tips to consider when traveling with your pet:

  • Pet Restraints: As with any passenger in your vehicle, make sure your pets are properly restrained before heading out. This helps protect the driver from distraction or interference from the pet. A strong suggestion is using a pet carrier or a crate; most crates have options to be latched down. The goal is to ensure your pet is not rolling around the vehicle; even a quick maneuver can cause injury to your pet. This also helps your pet feel secure and comfortable and may keep them from getting car sick. Do not use a seat belt, even if it fits your dog, as they are designed to keep humans safe. By no means should you travel with your pet in the front seat or on your lap; should there be an accident, a deployed airbag can seriously injure or kill your pet.
  • Pet Tags: It is important to keep your pet easily identifiable, especially while traveling. Even if your pet likes to be outdoors, being outside in a place they are not familiar with can easily lead to them being lost. Make sure that your contact information on their tags is up to date, as well as their microchips.
  • Be Prepared: Preparing for the unknown is always a priority when traveling. Be sure to bring an ample supply of food and water for your pet and make frequent stops so they can exercise or go to the bathroom. It is also a good idea to bring a first aid kit, blanket, and chew toy to help them feel comfortable.

The most important suggestion is to keep your pets safe and secure in the car. Any distractions while driving can have dire consequences for you, your pet, and anyone else on the road. Make sure your pet is secure before going on the road so that you both can travel easily.

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