Most Dangerous Highways in New Jersey

Bucks County car accident lawyers advocate for accident victims of the most dangerous highways in NJEach year, the New Jersey Department of Transportation releases a report on the locations and types of crashes that occurred in the state. This year’s report ranked the highways with the most crashes, as well as sections of each highway where the highest number of crashes occurred. Certain factors play a part in the incidence of crashes, as well as the frequency of drivers on the highway.

The Garden State Parkway had the greatest number of crashes at 10,363. Records show that 389 million vehicles used the parkway last year. The New Jersey Turnpike followed with 7,777 crashes, moving 230 million vehicles during the last year. The turnpike is a major thoroughfare that connects New Jersey with the rest of the eastern seaboard. The following are other highways with the highest number of crashes in the last year:

Hot Spots

The report also discussed the towns located along these highways that were frequently involved in crashes, including:

  • West Windsor: This town has a two-mile section on Route 1 that provides access to many commercial and business establishments. There were 246 crashes there.
  • Paterson: This area has a two-mile section on I-80 between Route 19 and 20, where 346 crashes occurred.
  • Old Bridge: This area on Route 9 has a three-mile section with a busy junction with Route 18 where 337 crashes occurred last year.
  • Bridgewater to Bedminster: This area hosts a three-mile section of I-287 with junctions to Route 22, 202 to 206, and I-78 that had 320 crashes recorded.
  • Little Falls: This area has many shopping areas, side streets, and traffic lights along the route. There were 366 crashes recorded on this short stretch of highway.
  • Bellmawr and Lawnside: This area spans a two-mile section with curves and a junction with I-76 where 358 crashes took place. There is an ongoing multi-year project there to improve entrance and exit ramps.
  • Pennsauken: This area has a small section of Route 130 where 215 crashes occurred.
  • Rahway and Linden: This area has a section of Route 27 where 189 crashes occurred. The highway changes from a four-lane main road to smaller, two-lane commercial main streets, and hosts many side streets and shopping center driveways, causing traffic.
  • Union Township in Union County: This area had 203 crashes in a small section of I-78.

Many of these crashes involved injuries to drivers, passengers, and/or pedestrians. While car insurance is mandatory, a seriously injured person may incur expensive repairs and medical treatment beyond what insurance will cover.

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