NHTSA to Test Cameras in Place of Car Mirrors

Bucks County accident lawyers support testing cameras in place of side view mirrors.The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has agreed to test a new technology that replaces traditional side mirrors on passenger cars with side-view cameras that display the car’s surroundings on interior screens to determine if the high-tech replacement is safe. Back up cameras are already available in a number of passenger cars, as well as bigger vehicles. They solve visibility issues when parking or backing out of a driveway, giving drivers visual confirmation that the coast is clear despite blind spots.

The side camera technology is especially beneficial for tractor trailers and other oversized vehicles that make wide turns and encounter visibility issues on the road. Proponents of the implementation of side cameras point to the issue of blind spots that are remedied by the wide views offered by the cameras, which sends images to a seven-inch touch screen mounted on the car’s door panel. The broadened view presented by the cameras allows drivers to see neighboring cars while changing lanes or nearby objects while driving or parking.

Seeking New Technology Initiatives

In 2014, the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers lobbied the NHTSA to give car makers the green light to include cameras for rear and side visibility on their newest cars. The technology is already available in other parts of the world, including Japan and Europe. The side camera testing is being presented as a solution for human drivers, but it is likely to be a step in the industry’s progression toward autonomous vehicles. Automobile manufacturers are eager to see U.S. authorities approve the technology.

Testing Objectives

In announcing its plan to test side cameras, the NHTSA said it intends to observe driving behavior and lane change maneuver execution of drivers operating cars equipped with conventional mirrors and those featuring the new side-view cameras. Officials hope to determine the potential advantages and general safety of the new feature before approving its implementation. Initially, the testing will involve passenger vehicles. The evaluation of the cameras on larger vehicles will come at a later date.

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