Reducing Forklift Accidents in the Workplace

Forklifts are used in a vast array of industries. From construction sites to warehouses to retail sales floors, forklifts allow workers to transport heavy loads of materials and products to make the operation run efficiently. The lifting and transporting power of a forklift is only outdone by the convenience and utility of the machine. Forklifts are used every day in all types of situations. Unfortunately, the widespread and varied use of these powerful machines may cause potential accidents and injuries.

Forklifts are implicated in more workplace accidents than any other industrial truck. Forklifts are responsible for many types of workplace injuries. A person may be struck by a careless forklift driver and objects falling from the lift could cause an injury. A forklift with a too-heavy or too-full load has the potential to roll over sideways or tip over. A person could be pinned beneath the forklift or between the forklift and a wall, scaffold, or other surface.

These industrial vehicles require significant training to operate, but forklift operators and the companies they work for should understand that safety is an ongoing process. To ensure that use of a forklift is safe for the driver and those nearby, there are a few tips to remember each time you operate a forklift.

Check Your Workspace

Set up a safe workspace before you climb aboard the forklift. Use caution signs and safety lights to notify others in the vicinity to be aware of the possible dangers in the area. Close off the work area, if practical, and proceed cautiously into areas occupied by other people.

Check Your Machine

Before you begin operating the forklift, check that all safety features are in working order and that there are no impediments to the safe operation of your machine. Buckle yourself into the seat and ensure that all mirrors are in position.

Check Your Load and Speed

Be sure that your forklift is not overloaded and that your load is properly centered on the forklift. A heavy or off-center load presents a danger that is entirely preventable if the proper precautions are part of your routine load check. Factory floors and construction jobsites do not usually have official speed limits posted, but forklift operators should value safety above speed. Your boss may want you to work fast, but not at the expense of a collision with a passerby. Your forklift should be operated at a reasonable speed, taking into consideration the driving surface, sharp turns, and undetected objects or people that might appear in your path.

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