Specific Loss Benefits

Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation lawyers represent workers who have suffered amputations and help them obtain specific loss benefits.Pennsylvania workers’ compensation law provides benefits to help support workers who are injured on the job. Many work accidents inflict permanent damage in the form of scarring, disfigurement, or loss of a body part such as finger, hand, arm, leg, eye, or ear. For workers who suffer disfigurement or an amputation as a result of a work-related accident, specific loss benefits are available in addition to any other benefits for which they may be eligible.

Loss of a body part, scarring, and disfigurement are all serious injuries that usually require multiple operations, lengthy hospital stays, and long-term physical rehabilitation therapy. Post recovery, the worker may need to use prosthetic devices.

Dramatic Life Changes

Physically, the loss of a body part can drastically change a person’s quality of life. Daily activities may become frustrating and sports or hobbies that previously were a source of relaxation and enjoyment may not even be possible after a work accident that results in amputation. Someone who was proud of being independent may now need help to accomplish simple tasks, especially if the injury involves a loss of sight or hearing.

Those who have experienced severe scarring or disfigurement know that the impact is much more than physical. Whether from burns or other types of catastrophic accidents, long after the body has healed, the psychological damage remains. Diminished self-esteem can require long-term therapy. Depression may set in making physical recovery more difficult.

Specific Loss Compensation

Pennsylvania workers’ compensation law assigns a monetary value to each body part and specifies how many weeks’ compensation will be paid out relative to the injury. Workers can also be paid during the healing period for a specific number of weeks. For example, a worker who loses a hand may be paid benefits for 335 weeks and 20 weeks of healing. If the work injury involves the loss of the entire arm, benefits would be paid for up to 410 weeks and 20 weeks of healing.

Filing for Specific Loss Benefits

Often workers do not realize that specific loss benefits are available to them, especially if their injuries allow them to keep working such as in the case of an injury to a finger or toe. Concerned about a loss of wages, they may continue to go to work. Injuries that involve a part of a finger or toe may be eligible for specific loss benefits and a worker does not have to miss work to qualify for them.

Every workers’ compensation claim is a unique set of circumstances and an experienced workers’ compensation attorney will know not only the exact benefits available for each type of work injury, but how to maximize all the benefits allowable under the law.

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