Common Car Accident Questions

Bucks County car accident lawyers advocate for accident victims and answer common questions.After a motor vehicle accident, victims are often left with questions regarding the legal process of their case. Questions are often asked regarding compensation, work ability, and attorneys. In order to make a case as successful as possible, it is important that these questions are answered by an experienced legal professional.

Do I Need an Attorney?

Finding a qualified attorney is statistically proven to help a plaintiff’s case. Victims who sustained injuries from a motor vehicle accident often need compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Hiring an experienced attorney helps a victim receive the maximum amount of compensation possible. Crash victims are encouraged to meet with an attorney within 24 hours after an accident to begin the legal process.

Do I Have a Case?

Car accident victims are often unsure whether or not they have a case. In order to answer this question, a qualified professional should look at the details of their accident. Factors considered will include their medical bills, the severity of their injuries, lost work, evidence, and who is at fault. The victim likely has a strong case if their medical bills are high and there is sufficient evidence that the other driver was negligent.

The aforementioned details of the accident will also determine the amount of compensation an injury victim receives. The amount of money a victim receives usually depends on their hospital bills, treatment, lost wages, and other financial factors. However, an individual might also receive money for pain and suffering if the accident left them emotionally distressed.

When Should I See a Doctor?

Injured accident victims are encouraged to contact a medical professional immediately following an accident. This is beneficial for multiple reasons. It is important that the person is thoroughly evaluated for injuries sustained from the accident. Many people do not realize that they have sustained an injury until a few days after an accident occurs. Therefore, it is important to check with a doctor even if the individual is not experiencing pain.

It is also important to visit a doctor after an accident to begin the documentation process. If a visit to the doctor is delayed, insurance companies might accuse victims of faking injuries. Similarly, insurance companies often claim that a victim’s injuries are unrelated to the accident. Visiting a doctor after a car accident helps a person avoid these accusations.

What if the Accident Impacts My Ability to Work?

Car accident victims might sustain severe injuries that impact their ability to work. In this case, it is important for victims to seek compensation for lost wages. In order to do so, the victim must prove that their absence at work is related to injuries sustained from the accident. Similarly, they must also prove the amount of money they would have made if the injuries did not affect their ability to work.

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