Power Tool Safety

The use of power tools has become a part of daily life in most workplaces because of their precision, ease of use, and their ability to make a hard job easier to accomplish. Whether your job requires utilizing a power tool, or you are using a drill to tighten a door at home or riding a lawnmower for the outside landscape, one must be careful and knowledgeable of its use. Incorrect usage of power tools and equipment can lead to serious workplace injuries, amputations or even death.

About 70 percent of power-tool related injuries are from do-it-yourselfers and homeowners, but that does not mean professionals do not suffer the same common injuries. When using power tools, one must be trained and educated of their purpose. Prevention is key in using power tools, so you can complete a job efficiently and effectively while avoiding injury to you and those around you.

How to Prevent Power Tool Accidents

Implementing safety guidelines in the workplace or at home can help prevent power tool-related injuries:

  • Use safety guards or switches when available.
  • Always disconnect the power to a tool when not in use or when servicing a tool.
  • Keep a safe distance from others while using power tools and clean the area around you to prevent other hazards.
  • Always wear appropriate clothing or equipment: safety goggles, boots, breathing masks and other protective equipment.
  • Always use power tools to their manufacturer’s specifications. Never use a power tool for something that the tool was not originally intended for.
  • Keep all tools in good working order to prevent jams and malfunctions.

Employers should also provide proper guidelines and training to those using tools and equipment. Work areas, supplies, and equipment should be inspected on a regular basis to ensure the safety of all workers.

Common Power Tool Injuries

Different power tools can injure you in different ways. Proper education and knowledge of a power tool’s use is key in avoiding injury. Always take the necessary safety steps before using a power tool and only use a tool the way in which it was designed for.

  • Gasoline fuel tools and other liquid-fueled tools can run the risk of catching fire and exploding if not properly used or ventilated.
  • Electric tools can lead to burns and electric shock if the battery is malfunctioning or the power source is not connected correctly. Shocks can burn internal tissue and can lead to injuries such as heart attacks, electrocution and death.
  • Pneumatic tools, hydraulic tools and powder actuated tools are loud and can damage your hearing. They can also cause crushing injuries, cause projectiles to fly and injure you or others and numerous other injuries.

One must be diligent in safety when using power tools, whether at home or at work. Although power tools can complete a job for you that could otherwise be impossible to do without it, they should only be used by someone who is properly prepared and educated to prevent injury to themselves and others.

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