Why Won’t My Doctor See Me After a Car Accident?

Bucks County car accident lawyers help car accident victims recover compensation for their injuries.The relationship an individual has with their doctor is an important one to many people. A good doctor-patient relationship based on trust and mutual respect can take years to develop; and when it does, most people are extremely reluctant to see anyone else for their health-related issues. For this reason, injured car accident victims are often upset and confused when their primary care physician declines to treat them for their injuries. However, this is not uncommon for many of the following reasons:

Not Their Area of Specialty

Primary care physicians are generally not used to dealing with injuries resulting from a car accident. Many crash-related injuries involve muscles, tendons, tissues, and other important body parts. General practitioners are not the most qualified to assess these types of injuries. Injuries to these important bodily functions often need a doctor who is specialized.

Accident Claims Require a Lot of Paperwork

Primary care physicians may choose not to see an injured accident victim due to the lengthy paperwork involved in car accident cases. Car accidents often require numerous phone calls and special billing. This typically involves a great deal of time spent going back and forth with insurance companies. Unfortunately, this may be enough of a hassle for a physician and their staff to refuse seeing an injured patient, even one with whom they had an established relationship.

Special Billing Requirements

Special billing may lead a primary physician to refuse caring for an accident victim. Drivers in many states carry “no fault” insurance called Personal Injury Protection (PIP). PIP is a type of auto insurance that covers the cost of medical bills after a car accident. PIP gives physicians a payment guarantee, without waiting on lawsuits. Although PIP is helpful for ensuring payments, it can be challenging to bill for PIP. Additionally, serious injuries may call for additional compensation not typically covered under PIP. This challenge may force physicians to refuse caring for patients.

Other Options for Injured Patients

Instead of visiting their primary care physician, injured accident victims should explore other medical options. There are benefits and drawbacks for each option. A patient could visit the emergency room. However, they may experience long wait times, especially if their injury is not considered severe. Since the emergency room does not offer follow-up appointments, they may ask the patient to visit another doctor.

Urgent care facilities are also an option for injured crash victims. However, it should be noted that urgent care facilities are similar to hospital emergency rooms. They often require a patient to schedule a follow-up appointment with a specialist. Therefore, initiating an appointment with an auto accident specialist may be the best option for injured victims.

Visiting an auto accident specialist can help provide clarity of one’s injuries. Auto accident specialists are equipped with the knowledge to properly assess a victim’s injuries. Similarly, the office is likely familiar with the paperwork involved in car accident cases.

Bucks County Car Accident Lawyers at Freedman & Lorry, P.C. Help Car Accident Victims Recover Compensation for Their Injuries

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