Springtime Hazards for Workers

Delaware County Workers’ Compensation lawyers help those injured due to Spring weather conditions.As enjoyable as the warmer days of spring may be, companies should plan for the less pleasant conditions that pop up in workplaces in springtime. Though the dangers associated with snow and ice may have departed for the time being, spring brings its own. Safety managers must remain vigilant about possible hazards associated with weather changes and wet conditions.

Outdoor Dangers

At the beginning of spring, the temperatures fluctuate as warmer weather settles in. The unpredictable nature of spring makes it difficult for safety managers to prepare safe work environments for employees. Managers would be wise to monitor temperatures and weather patterns in the forecast to determine the best approaches to keeping their workers safe.

Rain, a springtime staple, may cause changes to outdoor dirt surfaces, especially on construction sites that often involve large areas of freshly excavated dirt that become slippery and sticky ground that turn into uneven and unsafe surfaces.

Indoor Hazards

Indoor areas may be free from freezing temperatures, but the rain is a major challenge to keeping indoor work areas safe. Outdoor wetness and dirt can easily be tracked onto entryways and floors, creating a potential for slip and fall accidents.

While mopping wet areas can help prevent slip and fall injuries, safety managers can plan ahead to prevent wet floors in the first place by placing absorbent door mats and convenient umbrella stands in entryways to accommodate people coming in from the rain.

In fact, there are advanced floor mats on the market that not only soak up tracked-in wetness, but that also trap dirt and allergens that may also affect the work environment.

Lots of people consider dust and allergens to be the most uncomfortable and disruptive element of spring. It is smart for managers to plan to keep these environmental contaminants in check. Doing so protects employees from the discomfort of seasonal allergies, but it also prevents more damaging materials from being introduced into the workplace.

Allergens and other airborne toxins can be removed from the indoor air workers breathe with the use of proper air filters in the building’s ventilation system. Safety managers should aim to maintain the quality of indoor air by considering springtime the perfect time to change old air filters.

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