Can I Date Before the Divorce is Final?

Philadelphia divorce lawyers advise clients about dating during the divorce process.Many people who have experienced a difficult marriage that is ending in divorce are eager to start fresh with someone new. However, getting involved with someone while divorce proceedings are still occurring may not be the wisest decision. In fact, entering into a romantic relationship with someone else can turn a divorce from smooth to sour, as many divorce lawyers can attest. Therefore, it is always advisable to stay off dating apps and eschew romantic overtures until the divorce is finalized.

Why Dating During Divorce Can Backfire

Although it is completely up to you to decide when you are ready to date after separating from your marriage partner, you might want to reconsider jumping into the dating pool until after the divorce is settled. After all, if you date while you are trying to negotiate the divorce, you may encounter a few problems:

  • Your soon-to-be-ex could use your dating as a sign to prove adultery, which could leave you in an unflattering light.
  • You could cause jealousy in your soon-to-be-ex, an emotion that could make decisions about child custody and other matters more difficult than they need to be.
  • Your children may see this as a secondary betrayal, causing an emotional rift between you and them. Your co-parent may even use this rift for custody leverage.
  • You may not be as ready as you thought you were to enter into another relationship. This could leave you more hurt and confused and could make it harder for you to accept your divorce.
  • You could jeopardize some of your child custody or spousal support if you move in with someone new and your household income level changes. Although this does not sound fair, it can and does occur.

Ultimately, it is up to you to determine when you are ready to date. And if you do decide to date while you are in the midst of a divorce, you should always be as low-key about it as possible. Then, after your divorce, you will be ready to re-consider dating.

Tips for Safe Dating Post-Divorce

Remember that even if you feel 100 percent ready to date post-divorce, you should always keep a few thoughts in mind before becoming too serious. Ideally, you will want to take dating slowly and keep these tips in mind:

  • Dating a number of people on a casual basis may be a better way to determine what type of person you match up with at this point in your life. You have changed since you dated before, and being open to meeting new people from different backgrounds can be a strong way to start dating.
  • If you feel uncomfortable putting your information online, you should avoid dating through common apps. Any images you put on a website are available for people–including your children, potentially–to see. Be careful about how much information you share with the world.
  • Protect yourself and your children at all costs. After a few dates with someone new, you may be wise to conduct a background check. Yes, it will cost money, but it could save you in the long run.
  • If you get serious with someone new, consider drafting a prenuptial agreement. Any wealth you have should be stewarded wisely, and a prenup can help you financially.

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