PA Workers’ Compensation Benefit Rates for 2019

Philadelphia workers' compensation benefit rates for 2019The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act allows injured workers in the state to receive wage-loss benefits should they become injured or ill at work. These benefits replace approximately two-thirds of their weekly income, but are subject to minimum and maximum adjustments. Every year, maximum workers’ compensation benefit rates for employees in Pennsylvania are assessed according to the state Department of Labor and Industry’s annual statewide average weekly wage (SAWW.)

In Pennsylvania, the weekly maximum rate for 2019 is $1,049. That is an average statewide increase of approximately 2.3 percent from last year. A worker’s benefit rate is based on the calendar year when their workplace illness or injury occurred. Also considered in the calculation of benefits is the extent of the worker’s injuries.

Types of Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, different types of workers’ compensation benefits are available depending upon the nature and severity of your illness or injuries and how they impact your ability to perform your job. Pennsylvania offers temporary total disability benefits for workers whose injury is severe enough to prevent them from returning to work for an extended period of time.

Permanent total disability benefits are for workers whose injuries are so severe that they preclude them from ever earning a living wage. To receive permanent total disability benefits, a physician must evaluate you and determine you are at least 35 percent impaired as a direct result of a job-related injury.

An individual receiving temporary partial disability payments who returns to work in a limited capacity is entitled to receive a portion of the difference in pay. Workers’ compensation wage benefit rates are generally two-thirds of the worker’s average weekly wages up to the state maximum. If your physician determines you will never be capable of returning to any type of employment, you are entitled to weekly benefits as long as your medical provider considers you totally disabled.

Importance of Accurate Payroll Calculation

Complete Workers’ Compensation Rate Schedules for the state of Pennsylvania can be found on the Department of Labor and Industry website. Accurate payroll calculation is crucial to correctly determine the injured worker’s compensation rate. Without precise income reporting, you may be missing benefits that are essential for you and your loved ones.

If you believe your employer has provided inaccurate or incomplete payroll info, you should contact a Philadelphia work injury lawyer who works to protect the benefits you need and deserve for your injury.

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