Honda’s “Smart Intersection” Technology

Philadelphia accident lawyers represent injured car accident victims.Blind spot indicators. Automatic lane changing. Backup cameras. The auto industry is constantly designing new technologies to improve motor vehicle safety, and Honda’s latest entry is grabbing headlines. Their “Smart Intersection” tech is being tested in Marysville, Ohio, and is designed to reduce instances of car accidents that occur at intersections.

Better Vision = Fewer Accidents

This new technology can create a 360-degree image that is 300 feet away from the vehicle. It does this by using cameras and object recognition software. The data allows the vehicle to virtually peer around corners. It can also “see” through items that may be blocking the driver’s vision.

Drivers can see what is ahead, around, or in the way. This can warn them of any problems in the road, which can prevent crashes. Honda calls this data “vehicle-to-everything” (V2X) communication.

Intersections Can be Hazardous

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), almost half of all motor vehicle accidents happen at intersections. There are many different kinds of intersections, from simple ones with two roads meeting to complex, six-way intersections.

Some have traffic lights; others do not. With so many vehicles, and possibly pedestrians and bicycles moving in one area, the likelihood of a crash increases. Side-swipes, rear-end crashes, side-impact crashes, and collisions when a vehicle is turning are all examples of intersection accidents.

Driving Defensively at Intersections

Cars have gotten smarter and safer, but accidents caused by human error still happen every day. The following are some intersection safety tips to keep in mind:

  • All drivers and passengers should always wear seatbelts, and children of any age should be properly restrained in car seats.
  • Drivers must slow down when approaching intersections, and start up slowly. In bad weather, this is even more important.
  • Texting and other driver distractions can be especially hazardous at intersections; it is critical to stay alert.
  • It is important to be aware of other vehicles and your surroundings. Emergency vehicles always have the right of way; large trucks and tractor trailers should be given extra room and time.

Higher Tech

As the next decade approaches, vehicle manufacturers are competing to make their cars and trucks safer. Several manufacturers are introducing driver alert systems, which sound alarms and visual stimuli to nudge drivers that are exhibiting signs of tiredness, like lane drifting or slowing down. Another technology in the works is collision avoidance, which may be able to help cars identify and prevent imminent collisions.

New adaptations to improve cruise control and automatic parking are also being developed. These modern safety features may drive up prices, though, and it will probably be many years until some of these become standardized in all new cars and trucks. For now and going forward, it makes sense to adhere to safety guidelines and practice defensive driving whenever behind the wheel.

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