Combustible Dust Hazards

Philadelphia Workers' Compensation lawyers discuss combustible dust hazards in the workplace.The Chemical Safety Board is currently looking to better understand why efforts that have been made to manage and control combustible dust hazards are not working – often failing to prevent deadly workplace explosions.

In May 2017, an explosion and fire killed five workers and injured 14 others at the Didion Milling Company facility in Cambria, Wisconsin. The Chemical Safety Board implemented the program it called Call to Action: Combustible Dust, a series of questions for everyone from regulators and inspectors, to safety training providers, companies, and unions. The campaign was launched in effort to get a better understanding of the conditions these individuals are dealing with in hopes of finding an effective solution.

Consequences of Combustible Dust Remain High

Though workplace explosions are not common, the consequences that come with hazards of combustible dust can be extremely serious. Industry experts and safety advocates are attempting to find the right balance between performing preventative maintenance with trying to minimize dust releases; not the easiest of things to balance.

Also at issue is the fact that different employees have different perceptions of what is considered to be “clean” versus “dusty.” The Chemical Safety Board has noted that it seems to be common for workers to have differing views on levels of dust and on awareness of potential hazards.

The Biggest Challenges Surrounding Combustible Dust

The agency also notes that through its investigations, it has found that some of the biggest challenges it faces are workers’ understanding of what a dust hazard actually is, and what exactly a safe level of dust in the workplace would be.

It is seeking input on a variety of issues, including how employers and workers can recognize and measure these unsafe levels of dust in the workplace. The Chemical Safety Board has identified a total of 386 combustible dust incidents from 1980 to 2017. And while that number may not seem very high for a period of almost four decades, keep in mind that these incidents have resulted in 178 fatalities and more than 1,000 injuries to workers.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident caused by combustible dust in the workplace, it should not be taken lightly. These injuries not only can deprive you of your ability to work (in the short- or long-term) resulting in lost wages, but you may also suffer life-altering pain and limited mobility. It is important that you get the help that you need to receive the Workers’ Compensation benefits that you deserve.

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