Catherine Surbeck Discusses Workers Compensation in Philadelphia

Catherine Surbeck, who has been working at Freedman & Lorry for more than 20 years, continues to expand the firm’s national reputation for expertise in workers compensation law during an interview with Bill Fay, Editor-in-Chief of Workers Compensation Experts.

Surbeck offers comments and insights about topics that matter most to injured workers looking for help obtaining benefits due them under workers compensation laws. That includes one of her favorite targets: the rule that employers control the first 90 days of medical care for an injured worker.

“That may not be a big deal if you’re treated for an injury and back at work in a day or two,” Surbeck said. “But what happens if you’ve got an injury that is going to take a while to heal?

You want a doctor who’s on your side, someone who will listen to your complaints and work with you to make sure you receive treatment that will result in you getting better and ready to go back to work.

“Not getting the medical treatment you want is just one of the reasons you need a workers compensation lawyer.” She has more to say about signs you need an attorney for your case; what workers compensation attorneys do to get a favorable result with claims; and why it’s always in your best interests to have an attorney representing you. (Hint: It doesn’t cost you anything!).

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