Attorney Catherine Tanaka Surbeck Discusses Workers’ Compensation and Presumptions in the Era of COVID-19

Workers’ Compensation News recently published an interview with Catherine Tanaka Surbeck of Freedman & Lorry, P.C. regarding how workers become sick and what benefits they are eligible to receive. The article discusses how COVID-19 is affecting the Workers’ Compensation system and the ongoing debate over providing presumptions for frontline workers impacted by the virus.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, many states have extended Workers’ Compensation coverage to include COVID-19 as a work-related illness. This helped workers who fell ill to take time off without their finances being compromised if they contracted the virus. Because of how highly contagious the virus is, doctors and experts are trying to learn as much as they can about how COVID-19 spreads throughout the workplace and if underlying conditions are more to blame.

An increase in legal issues could arise if COVID-19 ends up causing more long-term effects than what is currently expected. Medical presumptions are not always guaranteed and workers who believe this may be disappointed with the benefits offered, if any. For more information on presumptions and Workers’ Compensation benefits regarding COVID-19, click here.