Analyzing Maritime Industry Accidents

After analyzing injury data among maritime workers gathered over several years, the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), researchers from Lamar University, and insurance group American Club, are hoping to use this data to improve worker safety. Together, researchers looked at thousands of injury and near-miss accident reports. While they learned a lot about what types of accidents are harming maritime workers, they hope in-depth reporting in the future will pave the way for more effective safety standards for all types of maritime operations.

Closer Look at Maritime Accidents and Injuries

The project analyzed more than 8,400 claims submitted to the American Club between 2013 to 2018 and compared that with data collected from the ABS/Lamar Mariner Safety Research Initiative (MSRI), containing more than 8,000 injury and 100,000 near-miss accident reports. While the data came from a variety of sources, there were notable consistencies among the types of accidents maritime workers experienced. Slip and falls were most common, with the other types of accidents varying slightly in frequency, depending on which group of data was used. The most common maritime accidents included:

  • Slip and falls
  • Struck by falling objects
  • Lifting events
  • Unspecified or other
  • Burns and explosions
  • Caught in equipment
  • Suffocation and asphyxiation

Financial Toll of Maritime Accidents

There is no disputing the physical and emotional toll a serious maritime accident can have on an individual. There are significant medical expenses, lost wages when an injured worker is unable to do their job, and a reduced quality of life for especially debilitating injuries. Individuals who are hurt on the job deserve compensation for injuries suffered at work.

Maritime injuries also hit owners and operators in the wallet. The costliest injuries for maritime insurance providers are burns and explosions, which average around $145,000 each. Falls cost insurance companies around $88,000 and slips average $56,000. Because those costs eventually trickle down to boat owners and operators and employees, it makes even more sense to make maritime work safer for all. The hope is that with a clearer picture of how maritime workers are being hurt both on land and at sea, industry leaders and lawmakers can institute regulations to reduce preventable accidents and save lives.

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